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La Petite Bouchee

We’ve all manner of food, and all of it good,
To tempt you to eat till you drop,
Monkfish and sole, both fillets and whole,
From Veasey’s, the fishmonger shop.
Lamb navarin, a pear Tart Tatin,
A wonderful, scrummy Bourride,
A platter to share, a large fruits de mer,
A quail poached in a locally brewed artisan mead.
Moules Mariniere, Poulet Forestiere,
A souffle to make you go “Ohhh!!”
A rich Tartiflette, a fondue or raclette,
All served in our micro bistro!




If I just draw a simple line or two,
An elegant squiggle,
Then add a touch of colour,
For lips,
And place a flower head and a bud,
A beautiful ballroom dancer emerges.

Photo Emanuele Bianchi


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On the road to Crowcombe,
The chances are you’ll get delayed.
Either ponies or sheep will be wandering,
Seeing who they can befriend.
These two kept us waiting for quite some time!
Who cares? When you’re watching the world go by.


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The Pied Piper

He played his pipe for all to hear,
Animals large and small.
And all who heard him would draw near,
His music would enthral.
His constant companion, a black and white cat.
Would sit at the piper’s feet,
And all who met this pair thought that
Their lives seemed so complete.

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A Really Big Adventure

I’ve a picnic wrapped in a kerchief,
And I’m accompanied by my best friend,
I’m intending to avoid any mischief,
In my search for the rainbow’s end.
So please don’t try and stop me,
An adventure is our intention,
Well get by with charm and a real esprit,
And oodles of invention!


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