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What’s this current obsession people have with tattoos?
Why is it something they actually choose?
There is a great beauty to unadorned human skin,
The silky soft patches under armpit and chin.
Why choose to cover it in some foreign text,
Which only looks good when your muscles are flexed?
Not to mention the fact it’s not a language you speak,
So you might just be covered in some barbaric batik!
And what’s with the bluebird, flying there on your shoulder?
It’ll be a bald eagle or vulture when you get older…
Call me old-fashioned and way out of date,
But a tattoo? No fear! I’m not tempting fate!



Satisfaction (Getting It)

Revenge is a dish that’s best served cold,
An adage worth its weight in gold.
You wait until your hurt and pain has gone,
To avenge yourself on the one that’s done you wrong.
You find an inventive and clever solution,
That brings satisfaction and complete resolution!
Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer still,
So you can exact true justice, if you will.
So those who’ve wronged me, you’d better take care,
I’ve found a way to get even, so boy, beware!




It is said that the dying, whilst alive,
Have regrets that number five.
That their happiness should have been a reservoir, 
That they’d stayed in touch with friends, both near and far.
That they’d truly lived their lives as dealt,
That they could express freely what they felt.
And, the one they couldn’t disregard,
That they hadn’t worked so very hard.
John Betjeman , not one to be brainwashed,
Pronounced this notion utter tosh,
He said he had just one regret,
And that was not having far more sex.
So should we conclude this rather sad,
That he found his sex life rather bad,
Or conclude he was something of a “lad”,
And so successful, and for him, be glad?


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A Kerria Japonica is a beautiful bush,

It paints your garden yellow at a push,

It brings you pleasure, brings you joy,

It brings you nature for you to enjoy.

Plant one at home, heck plant two or three,

It’ll make you smile and feel oh, so happy!



A Question of Belonging


What makes my heart beat fast, so fast?

What makes me weak at the knees?

Your scent intoxicates and lasts,

You invade me like a luscious sneeze.

Stand near and my heart jumps in my chest,

Hold me close and I’m aflame,

I’m a junkie, self-professed,

I just love your voice, your name.

You’re my music, softly played,

You’re my lyric, you’re my song,

In the full sun, you’re my shade,

It’s  to you that I belong.







I give you this pledge,

That I’ll always be there.

To support you, protect you,

To  show you I care.

You are my touchstone,

You are my world,

You walked into my life,

And I kind of unfurled.

You’re laughter, you’re humour,

You’re a centre of joy,

You’re a bundle of energy,

Just point and deploy!

There’s nothing on earth,

That I wouldn’t do,

To show you precisely

How much I love you.





Oy Vey!

Organza, oleander, overbearing, Oy Vey.
Obnoxious, ongoing, outrider, obey.
Opulent, omniscient, okay,
Orated, ovated, operated, opaque.
Open, organic, ordain, ostracise,
Onomatopoeic, ormolu, organise.
Orderly, outrageous, is what it’s about,
Ongoing, outgoing, oh, over and out!



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