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The Lumiere Brothers

The Lumiere Brothers, Les Freres Lumiere,
Created cinema that people could share,
Their very first movie was of a passenger train,
And audiences returned, again and again,
The birth of the movies is 1895,
When the Lumiere Brothers made film come alive.

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Slipping Away

You know that horrid travel crate?
I really am not for it!
It’s poky and doesn’t smell too great,
I tell you, I abhor it
If I want to explore the great outdoors,
I’ll do it on my own four feet,
I’ll rummage under the helibores,
That are fragrant, smelling sweet.
So whilst my human’s occupied,
With her knitting or crochet,
I’ll steal the chance to go and hide,
I’ll quietly slip away.

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Drive Me To The Moon

Take me, take me away from here,
From this featureless landscape without remission.
Take me on a black, black night,
That’s starless.
Or a grey morning,
That’s overcast,
Drive me down a long, straight road,
That leads who knows where,.
Just away from this place,
Oh, drive me to the moon.
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Ladder into the Abyss

There’s a ladder,
Leading down, down,
Into the depths,
A ladder into the abyss.
Dare I step on its rungs,
Climb down and push away?
I hesitate,
For fear of where it may lead me.
It represents to me,
Each one of my failed ambitions,
But perhaps also new beginnings,
To which I cannot yet see a conclusion.
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Heaven Station

I stepped on to Heaven Station,
And waited for a train,
This track leads to joy and consolation,
But I may not come back again.
It is something of a chance you take,
When you take a ride,
That the journey’s one from which you may not wake,
And you may get stuck on the other side.
I would love to see my mum again,
So let’s just say that it IS a temptation,
But I think that if I take this train,
It may lead me to damnation.
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