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There’s nothing like a puddle of glorious mud,
To make our young hearts sing with joy!
There simply isn’t a place or a thing,
More fun for a small, rambunctious boy!
It’s cool, it’s wet, it’s a glorious mess,
It’s a given we’re going to indulge!
But if you think we will tell you this mud pool ‘s address’,’
It’s something we’ll never divulge


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My Mother

I know I’m always impatient at this time of day,
But I love it when she gets home.
I look out till I see her come around the corner,
And into our street.
The determined swing of her arms.
Her quick feet on the pavement,
The tune she hums as she walks.
She tells me it’s her favourite time of day,
Her “me and you” time.
Our “us” time,
When we cook together,
Laugh together,
Tell each other about our day.
And then bed,
And a chapter of the latest book
We’ve chosen to read.
I love it at this time of day,
…when my mother gets home.




OK! So I’m embarrassed!
But please understand,
I was just playing slightly,
And things got out of hand.
With one tiny wriggle,
The blind just kind of slips,
And before I quite know it,
I’m strung up by my tum and my hips!
I know I look pathetic,
But I’m very sore,
So please just unravel me,
I’ll mess around no more!



Body Paint

Why did you choose your body paint?
D’you seek approval or complaint?
Is it adornment or just tat?
What makes you want to look like that?
A symphony in black and white?
To criticise you would be impolite!,
Each stroke is loose and yet exact,
Both detailed and a tad abstract.
I really can’t make up my mind,
If this is art or if I find,
That you intend to jolt and shock,
With this, your personal ‘writer’s block’.

Originally shared by David Treadway

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The River

Our river is our lifeblood,
It’s here we bathe and often drink,
It’s where we go to wash our clothes,
It is a giant sink.
We try to build our towns close by,
So we gain from its largesse,
But some of us walk for mile on mile,
Just to clean a dress.
The river’s flow is strong and hard,
It weathers any drought,
So it is our perfect treasure,
Of that there is no doubt.




I don’t mind saying, there’s no mistake!
I REALLY do love birthday cake.
I’m always happy as a clam,*
With a Victoria sandwich spread liberally with jam!
Or a really lovely chocolate sponge,
So I can cover my face with cream and grunge!
So don’t hold back, just load my plate,
I’ve an empty stomach, my need is great!

* an American expression mes in ecstatically happy.



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