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Oy Vey!

Organza, oleander, overbearing, Oy Vey.
Obnoxious, ongoing, outrider, obey.
Opulent, omniscient, okay,
Orated, ovated, operated, opaque.
Open, organic, ordain, ostracise,
Onomatopoeic, ormolu, organise.
Orderly, outrageous, is what it’s about,
Ongoing, outgoing, oh, over and out!


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Monsters borne on dragon steeds,
Deception found in daily deeds,
Doom, disaster, prophesied,
These are things of nightmares.

Fruitless arguments prophesied,
Misunderstandings guaranteed,
All designed to thwart, mislead,
These are things of nightmares.

I’m afraid, I do concede,
Mayhem’s certain, yes, decreed,
I will fail, or else I’ll bleed,
When I’m beset by nightmares.



Love Tiptoed In

Love tiptoed quietly into my heart,

And planted its seed deep within.

I realised that you were a woman apart,

As you crept stealthily under my skin.

I cannot convey what I found that day,

The day that we very first met,

A meeting of minds that one rarely finds,

That I haven’t recovered from yet.

You are my lover, you are my muse,

Scratch me and you will find residues,

Of you in my heart, my blood, my brain,

Traces of you will always remain…



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