Dog Tired

I’m lying here on this cushioned towel,

Because today I’ve been feeling somewhat foul.

My head is rested on this lime creepy crawly,

Because I am spent and I’m rather poorly.

Yesterday I was full of fun,

And so I chose to run and run.

But now exhaustion’s caught up with me,

And  I’m as dog tired as I could be.

So leave me be and let me sleep,

Besides, you see, I’m counting sheep!!

© Caro Ness 2015 


An Orderly Line

We always form an orderly line,

With our mother swimming right behind,

She wants to make sure that her charges are fine,

And with her we’re safe.


She always keeps us in her sight,
Because we are not yet equipped for flight,

If we’re attacked she’ll put up a fight 

Yes, with her, we’re safe. 

 © Caro Ness 2015 



We are alike, can you tell us apart?

We are ready to dash and dart,

We’re quicksilver, mercury, fast as fast,

Our skill at aerials is unsurpassed,

We’re an exercise in symmetry,

Safe up here in our homestead tree.

© Caro Ness 2015

Photo: наталья


The Lady On The Bike

An exercise in monochrome,

Apart from a parasol orange dome,

 A woman travelling gently home,

The lady on the bike.

An exercise in black and white,
Except an umbrella that’s dynamite,

This cyclist is cool, yes, she’s alright,

The lady on the bike.
An exercise in white and black,

Except for a startling orange attack,

Elegance is not what this cyclist lacks.

The lady on the bike.

© Caro Ness 2015

Photo: Silvana Ronchiadin  



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