A Meteor Shower

The sky didn’t fall

But tiny pieces of comet dust did

The Perseids meteor shower

Was captured by time lapse photography

Over Mount Rainier in Washington, D.C.

Each meteor train only lasts a second

Yet here all are captured for posterity

As they leave their colour signature behind them

And disintegrate into the Earth’s atmosphere. 

© Caro Ness 2015  

Picture: Friends of NASA


The Fallen Tree

A fallen tree,

Its roots nourished

By the lake

Into which it has fallen

Struggling to reach the light.

Its trunk


By years of immersion

In the lake.

It points

Toward a brighter future

As the sun sets

To bathe it

In its afterglow 

And stain the waters

As it dies for the night.

© Caro Ness 2015 

  Picture originally posted by AnaKiN SkyWaLKeR


Proton Arc


There’s a proton arc down through the skies,

It’s a delight, a mystery, a wondrous surprise.

A bombardment of protons on to the earth’s crust,

That lasted thirty minutes (just).

For the enthusiast, a very rare sight,

That brightened the Milky Way that night.

© Caro Ness 2015 


A Cat Asks For Help


I climbed up here, and now I’m stuck!

No idea how to descend, it’s just my luck!

I’ve tried looking down but it gives me the hives,

Because I’ve already used 8 of my 9 lives!

So I’ll stick my head firmly between my legs

It makes it less scary, but I’m still going to beg!

Please lift me down, I can’t make that descent,

So your arrival is just heaven-sent!

© Caro Ness 2015


From the moment

I set foot in Montmartre

My heart belonged there.

From Sacre Coeur

To the artists

Selling their wares.

And best of all

On a hot, hot day

Spending a morning

In a small cafe

With a strong cup of coffee

Or a citron presse

Watching the world go by.

© Caro Ness 2015 



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