From the moment

I set foot in Montmartre

My heart belonged there.

From Sacre Coeur

To the artists

Selling their wares.

And best of all

On a hot, hot day

Spending a morning

In a small cafe

With a strong cup of coffee

Or a citron presse

Watching the world go by.

© Caro Ness 2015 


The Rock

The shadows were pooling on the beach
When we set off for the rock.
We could not even see it,
Despite its size,
Because of the morning mist
Rolling in off the sea.
But somehow,
Knowing it was there,
Gave us a sense
Of solidarity,

  © Caro Ness 2015

Photo origin unknown


Setting Sun

The sun setting

Into the sea

On a still night

Of dark blue

And the only indication

Of sea not sky

Is darker ripples of water

As the fiery orb

Dies silently into it.

© Caro Ness 2015

 Photo origin not found


The Beach

The beach is long and it is wide ,

With inlets forming, side to side,

We go down daily, for long walks,

Interspersed with heated talks,

That match the skies as sunset falls,

Fiery, colourful, from summer squalls,

This is my favourite time of day,

When we walk our angst and qualms away.

© Caro Ness 2015


Back Home

It’s been a long day,

Cutting reeds for my family

But now I’m going home.

Each day is a struggle,

Making ends meet,

But it’s worth it when I get home.

I’ve reponsibilities,

A family to feed,

Waiting, when I get home.

Each day is a struggle,

But my spirits are high,

Because I’ve them, when I get back home.

© Caro Ness 2015

Photo: Back Home by Dede Kalana



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