The cone flower,

A pretty, pink flower,

But to the Great Plains Indians,

Powerful herbal medicine. 

Treatment for stings, burns, bites, wounds,

And to treat the common cofd.

So to combat infection and boost your immune system,  

Apply or ingest Echinacia,

As a pill, a tincture, a tea.

© Caro Ness 2015   


The Earthquake

The San Fransisco earthquake,

Of 1st April 1906,

Made every structure shake,

Knocking wooden and brick houses for six.

‘Twas a San Andreas Fault slip,

Over 275 miles long,

Which caused this terrible blip,

Tremors  travelled from LA to south Oregon.

Many hundreds died,

And mass fires broke out,

A curfew was applied,

To control the rout.

It was only on April 23rd,

The situation was brought under control,

3,000 died, 30,000 buIldings destroyed, I’ve heard,

Almost every home and the business district as a whole.

© Caro Ness 2015


The Seafood Platter

One of the most popular nights at La Petite Bouchee, our pop-up restaurant in our Citroen HY van, Demelza, is Fruits De Mer. This is my homage to this fabulous dish! Come and find us:

If you can eat seafood from dusk until dawn,

Can we tempt you with a langoustine, mussel or prawn?

If your taste for crustacea makes you give more than a damn,

Tuck into our whelks and a puddle of clam.

Why not try our oysters – go on, just one!

We get them from the incomparable Veasey & Son.

Or lush out on lobster (that’s what I’d grab),

Or contemplate consuming delectable crab!

And with these extraordinary platters, of course,

A dish of our excellent, specialty sauce! 

© Caro Ness 2015


The Vigil

Every day, you’ll find me in this spot,

Staring out to sea, as like as not,

Waiting for my love to return to me,

From weeks, or months, out on the sea. 

I check the wind, the swell, the tides,

And ever so much more besides,

I want to welcome home my galley cat,

The feline on the  ‘Tit For Tat’.

© Caro Ness 2015



Normally, poetry in motion.

And quicksilver, fast, busy,


Today, I am sitting very still,

So the local cat won’t notice me! *

© Caro Ness 2015

* cats are the greatest natural predators of hummingbirds & kingfishers


Stern Chase

Every day, come ten past three,

We chase each other round a tree, 

To test our skills and core reflexes,

From tail, to claw, to solar plexus,

Our ‘fight or flight’, dexterity, 

Speed, spatial awareness and agility.

© Caro Ness 2015


Jack Russell Pups

I threw a stick

For these Jack Russell puppies,

And they retrieved it,

As only they can!

Fiercely competitive,

Stubborn as all get out,

They will never relinquish their prize,

And so they share,

Even if they’d rather not!

© Caro Ness 2015



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