The Golden Mean

a + b 

Is to a

As a is to b.

A golden rectangle with longer side a,

And shorter side b, 

When placed next to a square 

With sides of length a, 

Produces a similar golden rectangle,

With longer side a + b,

And shorter side a. 

This  mean has been applied

Throughout history, 

The Pyramids,



Da Vinci,





The Swiss architect,

Le Corbusier knew this,

Le Corbusier lived this,

Le Corbusier produced this perfectly

In the Villa Stein.

The golden mean,

Or phi – Φ.

© Caro Ness 2015


The Swing

I love this spot

It is a place of magic

I used to come here as a child

And see how high

I could swing

The fence posts marched

Down the hill

And I would try to reach them

And on autumn days

When the leaves began to fall

II felt as if the trees themselves

Were scattering gold nuggets at my feet

© Caro Ness 2015 



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