Today I fancied a delicious meat  pie,

So I considered the ingredients to specify, 

And I came up with a darned cool recipe,

That would satisfy science and satisfy me!

No prizes for guessing what or why,

I invented that staple a case of Pi(e)! 

© Caro Ness 2016 


The Walk

Mummy and I went to the park today,

She let me off the lead, so I could play!

And play I did with a dude called Beau,

We raced and chased, I loved it so!

Mama throws balls, I bring them back,

I’d make a darned good quarterback,

‘Cause I’m super good at carrying a ball,

And hang on to it with no trouble at all! 

We flew around for about an hour,

And ran and sniffed with all our power!

Now I’m back in the car, because it’s time to go,

But what’s mummy doing, I want to know! 

© Caro Ness 2016 


The Duvet

Sweden gave us the duvet,

Conran bought it to the UK,

Now I can’t live without one, 

It’s needed, it’s safe to say!

I love the snuggling under,

It’s a thing of joy and wonder,

When the cat is afraid of thunder,

It makes her feel it’s all OK.

I love the tartan cover,

Each night it’s a “rediscover”

And I know it pleases my lover,

And that is NOT a lame cliche!

© Caro Ness 2016 


Mulled Wine

A pan of wine warming on the stove,

A scattering of spices to add interest,



Some, instantly recognisable,

Some, a secret well-guarded,

And rightly so.



And allow the scent

Of Winter,

To permeate the house.

© Caro Ness 2016 


A Hidden Garden

There was a beautiful garden

Hidden behind the wall

With delicious specimen trees

And if I pressed my face against the iron gate

I could breathe in the perfumes

Of the plants

Some loving hand

Had planted there.

© Caro Ness 2016 


True Love

I didn’t really know true love before,

Till I met you, now I know the score.

A delicate touch, the deepest kiss,

That brings us to a love like this.

A love that’s honest and kind and true,

And every bit contained in you.

© Caro Ness 2016 


Ode To The Missing Sock

What is it with the errant sock,

Which tends to scorn, to taunt and mock?

Into the wash I put a pigeon pair,

When the laundry’s back, one isn’t there!

It’s adopted a stunning camouflage,

And it will require skilled arbitrage,

To get the little sucker back,

Expertise I fear I lack.

If I don’t pay close attention,

They turn up in some 4th dimension. 

I resort to wearing spots with stripes,

A look that I can’t say I like.

Left foot red and right foot blue,

In the circs, what would YOU do?

© Caro Ness 2016


The Sombrero 

The first time I married,

I went on honeymoon to Mexico,

And fell in love with

The Mariachi bands,

That used to cluster around the trees,

In the central square in Oaxaca.

I was determined to buy 

A traditional sombrero,

And I did!

The irony is that

I bought it

In an antique shop 

In Bristol.

This is my daughter,

Modelling it.

© Caro Ness 2016 



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