Wedding Cake 

When it comes to wedding cake,
Traditional’s a big mistake!
Ours was made of different cheese,
And all our guests said, “Oh, yes please!”
Bleu D’Ambray and Westcombe Red,
Just 2 we chose for our wedding spread!
A cake with five stupendous tiers,
Brought my wife and I to tears,
What a way to end a feast,
Most guests attempted 3 at least!
© Text Caro Ness 2016
© Image Anna Kunst


Please make me a burger, a burger meal,

Something sublime, something surreal,

A perfect burger’s one of life’s great pursuits,

Just now, I feel the need to fill my boots!

© Text / Image Caro Ness 2016

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Luxury Cheeseburger

Piano Cat

Yes, I am a piano cat,

I love Debussy, and that’s that,

So play me my favourite, Clair De Lune,

Us felines really love that tune!

Or how’s about a bit of Strauss, 

To have me scampering round the house? 

Or Bach or Field, Mozart, Scarlatti,

To make me purr like a buff Bugatti…

© Text / Image Caro Ness 2016


I love you, and you love me,

We’re an overture, a symphony,

You’re a cat and I’m a dog,

But we’re digital not analogue.

We’ve always been a sister and brother,

Because us two adore each other.

© Text / Image Caro Ness 2016

Smoked Haddock Soufflé 

I may be a poet, but I trained as a chef,

And here is a soufflé that I like the best!

Smoked haddock is great in a fine kedgeree,

But this is a recipe that does it for me!

Pop to our blog and examine our post,

Kedgeree/soufflé, which do you like the most?

© Text / Image Caro Ness 2016

Smoked Haddock Soufflé


This deliciously beautiful, vibrant bouquet, 

Was a gift from the cats and the dog to say,

We’re sorry that your dog Macgregor died,

He’d have been our brother if he’d survived,

Don’t be sad mama, don’t weep and cuss,

Because you know that you still have us.

© Text / Image Caro Ness 2016j

The Steck Baby Grand

This is Laurent, he’s here tuning my Steck,

When I discovered this beauty, it was a wreck…

Untouched, unloved, and covered in paint,

Underneath which we found some work of restraint.

The design of this stunning baby grand piano,

Unmistakably dates it to the age of Art Deco.

I’m told by Helen, who has one just the same,

That Peter Gabriel played one when he shot to fame.

© Text / Image Caro Ness 2016


This is Guinness, she’s a black panther cat,

There’s no white on her, and that is that.

She’s sleek, she’s smooth, she’s a killing machine,

She’s the best mouser that you’ve ever seen.

© Text Caro Ness 2016

Image Malcolm Ness


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