Country Bound

My poem for this #PoetsPrompt set by +Martha Magenta is called
Country Bound
The scents of barley and meadow sweet ,

Of lavender, of earth,

Signal Summer’s arrival, full, replete,

After Spring’s rebirth.

Living in the city

Tends to fog my brain,

I feel the country calling me,

To live in it again.

Beset by urban jungle,

I repress a primal scream,

But I’ll escape and then, ere long, 

We’ll meet again in an Arcadian dream.

© Caro Ness 2017


I love this woman far, far more than I could ever say,

When I’m in her vicinity, she takes my breath away.

When I am in her presence, my heart expands within my chest,

I feel so very fortunate, that I am heaven blessed.

I need to to feel her tender touch, the joy of skin on skin, 

And when I hold her close to me, well, where do I begin? 

I love to hear her talking, she has a gorgeous voice,

Just the cadence, lilt or timbre makes my heart rejoice.

I love to hear her singing, she sings in pperfect pitch,

So every song’s a symphony, it’s neither crass nor kitsch.

But the thing that’s truly wonderful’s the beauty of her eyes,

They’re luminous, mysterious, they take you by surprise.

And the huge capacity of her very generous heart,

Her kindness and compassion really set this girl apart. 

This is my darling heart, Anita, this woman is the one;  

Because, you see, she is for me, my stars, my moon, my sun.

© Caro Ness 2017

A Still Point 

When everything in life has changed,

When my world is rearranged,

When all I know is sore awry, 

I have to find somewhere to fly.

I always seek a happy place,

Where my pulse will no longer race,

Yes, I find a point of calm,

Where my spIrits fInd some balm,

And this is where I go.
A spot engendering rest and peace, 

A sense of poise and sweet release, 

I memorise each line and curve,

Which I believe my spirits serve,

So I can return when things go wrong,

And I need strength and help along,

It may seem smalł, to me it’s huge,

Because my soul requires refuge,

So my secret now you know.

© Caro Ness 2017

Mal ward © Photo by +Mai​

 Spring Has Sprung


A thin line of sun on the horizon, 

Gołd, strewn with the threads of dawn.

A shining ribbon in an ocean of blue,

Promise of warmer times to come.

Breath, condensing,

In unforgiving air,

Lungs burning. 


Spring, heralding her arrival.

© Caro Ness 2017

It’s Easy To Say You Love Me

It’s easy to say you love me,
But can you truly show it?

So that it is no longer a mystery,

So that I really, truly know it. 
It’s easy to say you love me,

Words are easy to let slip,

Actions are not so easy,

Unless you’re shooting from the hip.
It’s easy to say you love me,

If your feelings do run deep,

If they fail to the tiniest degree,

Then your words are cheap.
It’s easy to say you love me,

Because you see, you do!

It’s as obvious as A, B, C,

Your words are lovely and they’re true! 

© Caro Ness 2017

The Sea’s Bounty

When I am adventurous 

And I feel inclined,

I wander down to the sea,

And along the shoreline,

Searching for items that interest me.

Colourful pebbles, broken glass,

Bleached by the sun,

Smooth from the waves’ caress,

And shells, delicate, exotic,


I wrap them in sack cloth,

To protect them.

Today i have found

And brought home,

Amongst others,

A starfish,

It is my gift to you.  

© Caro Ness 2017

© Image James Polamz King

Obudu Cattle Ranch, Nigeria

  Time has wrought change at Obudu.

The road still winds down,

Through lush vegetation,

But where, once, 

There used to be a rutted farm track,

Today there’s a tarmac road.

And someone has built

An imposing stone portico

With the skull of one of its herd,

Long passed, hung on two wooden poles,

And a man now sits in the gatehouse,

Takes your name as you come in,

And rings ahead to announce your arrival.

What has not changed though,

 Is how my heart lifts,

As I see those mountains,

Blue, in the distance,

And I know I’m coming home…

© Caro Ness 2017

© image James Polamz King

Obudu Cattle Ranch, Nigeria via @caronessauthor

Anniversary Gift 

For you, I’d face a hurricane,

I’d tolerate any kind of pain,

Because you are my fine champagne!

It seems like we’ve faced a living hell,

But we’ve survived it very well,

Because together it’s just a bagatelle!

With you, my life is quite complete,

I feel refreshed, I feel replete,

We are a force of nature that can’t be beat!

It seemed like our path was set uphill;

But we’ve braved the worst of the old treadmill, 

And we are together, and laughing still!!

This anniversary is known as leather,

And we know that we can always weather 

Anything as long as we are together 

This is just the smallest clue,

That you are both my rock and glue,

And, that darling, I love you!

© Caro Ness 2017

Winter Clings On

It was one of those dazzling days

Of blue, blue skies,

And green, green shoots,

When you know,

The minute you step through the door,

The air will freeze in your lungs,

As you are hit by the short, 

Sharp shock of winter, 

Proudly raising its head and

Refusing to submit to the Spring.

The Goat’s Beard plant

Clung to the youthful tree,

Like a muffler, a buffer,

Against the chill…

© Caro Ness 2017

This fabulous photo is used by kind permission of +Laughing Waters


Our Future

You and I were meant to be,

I am yours, you belong to me, 

We’re as obvious as A,B, C,

Despite trauma and adversity.

You’re my soulmate, this I know,

I thought I’d lost you! Where’d you go?

We agreed to meet, so please just show,

Or my emotions will overflow.

This is the time and this the place,

I search the crowds for your sweet face,

When I see you, my heart will race,

And I will long for that first embrace.

And then, oh then, I catch a sight,

Of you, and I know that it’s all right,

I cling to you with all my might,

This world of us – our future’s bright!

You and I, from world’s apart,

Share one steady, beating heart,

So, my love, let’s make a start,

For you are my counterpart…
© Caro Ness 2017

The song is from the film,  Slumdog Millionaire

Jai Ho: A.R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls, featuring Nicole Shirzinger