Candy Floss World

An extraordinary feeling…

To be placed

In an environment 

Where every tree

And bush

Seems to have been

Thrown into a candy floss machine

At the funfair.

The sweetest of pink

Against two shades of blue,

The sky and a lake.

Strangely artificial,

Yet nature at its best.

© Caro Ness 2015


Unconditional Love

We share our day,

You and I,

We do most things together,

You and I,

But there are times when we can’t,

And you leave me behind,

And I wait for you.

No matter how long,

No matter when,

You give me love

And I return it to you,


No questions asked,

Unconditional love.

© Caro Ness 2015  


Sack Race

At a local fete,

For a bit of fun,

We made it a date,

To be kids, bar none.

So all the men climbed

Into old bags of flour,

And when the noon bell chimed,

They jumped with all their power.

The hardest fought of adult sack races,

With dust flying up over hands and faces.

I think the winner was supported the most,

But by the finish he looked like a ghost!
© Caro Ness 2015

Dog Tired

I’m lying here on this cushioned towel,

Because today I’ve been feeling somewhat foul.

My head is rested on this lime creepy crawly,

Because I am spent and I’m rather poorly.

Yesterday I was full of fun,

And so I chose to run and run.

But now exhaustion’s caught up with me,

And  I’m as dog tired as I could be.

So leave me be and let me sleep,

Besides, you see, I’m counting sheep!!

© Caro Ness 2015 



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