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I love a good old jelly tot,
I love a gummy bear,
I love an American hard gum,
And I’ve Licorice Allsorts to spare!
I only buy bags of nostalgia,
A box of traditional sweets,
I am big on the taste of the 70’s,
So all the above constitute treats!
© Caro Ness 2015


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I was 18 when I met you,
And you were 22,
I loved your sense of humour,
And those stunning eyes of blue.
We waited to get married,
Until I was 21,
But spent each day together,
Surprising everyone.
And now we celebrate our grandchild,
Whose wedding is today,
And we could make our vows again,
Because our feelings still hold sway.
I’m now an ancient 88,
And you are 92,
But I may as well be in my teens,
Because, darling, I love you.
© Caro Ness 2015



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