PomeloCairn Rodrigues, I have left you till last,

And it’s not because your blog isn’t great,

Nor is it less good than those I’ve praised in the past,

So here I’m setting the record straight.

You write with great passion about all sorts of stuff,

About over-priced packaging, taking the smooth with the rough.

You’ve given us extracts from your forthcoming book,

And fantasy fans will be anxious to sneak the first look!

You talk about TV and your favourite show,

What you listen to most on the radio.

You talk of your past at Cafe 455,

Where you managed the kitchen with vision and drive.

You’ve wandered through markets, exploring fresh food,

Your blog is eclectic and boy is it good!

So go take a look at The Light Stealers Song,

And reader, you’ll find that in this I’m not wrong.