Pete Laberge has shared many great things – songs, texts, websites – with me, so this is my gift to him, because he suggested I write it…


Augustine of Hippo,

Born in 354,

A man for whom God

Was well worth fighting for.

Augustine of Hippo,

An extraordinary man,

Who made his observations

With style and élan.

Augustine of Hippo,

Believed in original sin,

Preached predestination,

Later spouted by one John Calvin.

Augustine of Hippo,

Taught of salvation and divine grace,

And that the concept of the Trinity

Also had a place.

Augustine of Hippo,

Is known as “the Blessed”,

He’s a saint and church doctor,

So Boniface professed.

Augustine of Hippo,

Best known for the odd quote,

I suggest you read them,

They are all of note.