This subject was suggested to me by Grigol Dvali, one of my Google friends. I hope you think I have done Timur justice, Grigol!

Have you heard of Timur the Lame,
Better known as Tamerlane?
A man who was feared in every land,
Who created his capital at Samarkand.
Born in Kesh in 1336,
He ruled by the sword, as well as politics,
He wanted to restore the empire of Genghis Kan,
He forced his Christian conquests to convert to Islam.
He defeated the Sultanate of Delhi and the Ottoman,
The Egyptian Mamluk and tried to restore the Yuan,
His men were multi-ethnic, he styled himself a ghazi*,
Against the Knights Hospitaller, he was kamikaze!
Europe, Asia, Africa, they all feared Timur the Lame,
Because he had so very many killings to his name.**
In terms of world population, it was 5% at that time,
And yet this vicious killer patronised architecture quite sublime
Timur always liked to fight his battles in the spring,
He died at that age of 68, trying to overcome the Ming.

*ghazi = religious warfare
** an estimated 17 million