My uncle Al, was cross with this gal,
At something I said over lunch.
He was appalled at my act, didn’t think I had tact,
And refused to start pulling his punch.
He thought me quite rude, ’cause he misunderstood,
Something I said quietly to his brother, Jack,
Who got what I said, but let Al have his head,
Because HE didn’t want to take any flack.
Al hit me first with a four minute burst,
Of what I SHOULD have done in such a case,
He left me appalled and my flesh felt like it crawled,
And I had egg dripping all over my face.
There’s nothing that’s worse than that terrible curse,
Of someone you love saying that they’re “disappointed”,
You go from being a hero to feeling like zero,
And your head feeling so darned unanointed.
So then I went humble, and started to mumble,
“I’m sorry that I dissed and upset Uncle Jack,
But now on reflection and deep introspection,
I feel cheated and want to fight back!
I’ve had time to consider what I said and did,
And certainly time to reflect,
I feel dirty and cheated, and so damned depleted,
And believe I deserve some respect!
Oh who am I kidding? I’ll do his bidding,
And keep my response locked down tight,
But I know myself well, and, believe me, can tell,
I’ll be grouchy about this all night!